Break Down Activity Weight using STEPS in Primavera

Steps in Primavera P6 are sequences of actions or activities that must be carried out to complete work in a project.

Steps are part of activities made in more detail according to the percentage of work weight.

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The ACTIVITY STEPS function in Primavera P6 is to describe more detailed steps or activities in a task or job.

ACTIVITY STEPS allows you to break down complex tasks into more granular steps by weight, making planning, scheduling, and monitoring projects easier.

Creating Activity STEPS in Primavera

To create Steps on the Primavera P6, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Projects page: Enterprise -> Projects.
  • Open a Project or Click on a project that is already open (Open).
  • Click the Calculations tab (project details section).
  • Tick (Check) in the column Activity percent complete based on activity steps.
  • If you check this column, the progress of the Steps activity will be calculated (according to the % complete entered), which will accumulate the progress of the main activity.
  • Enter the Activities page: Project -> Activities.
  • Select an activity that you have created before; otherwise, you need to create an activity first.
  • On the General tab (details section), select % Complete Type: Physical. If you choose anything other than Physical, the Activity progress on the Steps tab will have no relation to the main activity progress.
  • Click on the Steps tab at the bottom of the screen (activity details section).
  • If there is no Steps tab, you can display it by right-clicking, then display the Steps column.
  • Click on the Add (+) button to add new Steps.
  • Fill in Steps information such as Step Name and Step Weight.
  • Add Steps activities regardless you want. The weight portion can be adjusted to the total portion of the main activity.

Also, read about how to add activities in Primavera P6.

You can add additional Steps to your activity or delete existing Steps.

In addition, you can also define the order of Steps for a particular activity by clicking the up and down arrow buttons.


Using Activities STEPS in Primavera is useful when dividing work based on progress weight in more detail. This feature becomes very useful when you need to monitor the physical progress of work on each cutoff date.

Using Activities STEPS, you can divide each activity into STEPS so that their level of progress or weight can measure. This allows you to systematically track and update the physical progress of each step in the activity.

By leveraging Activities STEPS in Primavera P6, project managers can optimize the monitoring of physical progress, effectively manage the risks of delays, and ensure projects adhere to established schedules. This feature enhances project control and decision-making by providing a granular view of progress and enabling proactive management of project execution.


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