How to Customizing the Timescale in the Gantt Chart

The time scale configuration on the Gantt Chart is one of the things that is often done when using primavera. This is because the display needs change according to the length of the project duration and the filter that is carried out on the activity.

The time scale display on the Gantt Chart can be adjusted for several scale displays, namely:

Time scale display with two lines format

• Year / Quarter


This view is used for long-term projects that cause pages to be too wide, so it needs to be made with a larger time scale by changing the month to a quarterly period (Quarterly). By using this scale, the width of the display on the Gantt chart is reduced.

• Month year


This display is used to view time periods on activities or projects that do not need to belong or tailored to your needs.

• Another choice

Other views can be seen in the image below:


Time scale display with three lines format

This 3-line scale display is to add the interval display in the bottom row, which indicates the number of periods starting from 1 to the last period in the project. This interval can be selected in the period Year, Quarter, Month, Week.

Like in the picture below:


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