Download Primavera P6 Free Trial at Oracle Website

Apart from buying it, the Primavera application can also be used by downloading it for free and Legal. However, the use of this free primavera application can only be valid for 1 month.

I myself have just tried to install this application, but have never tried this trial version for a full month. Primavera trial version is the same as the paid version, only the usage time is only 1 month.

Who Needs this Free Primavera Application?

  • Prospective buyers who want to try it.
  • Students who want to know how to use primavera.
  • Primavera trainers.
  • Engineer.
  • Etc.

Immediately, we follow how to download it.

How to Download the Latest Version of Primavera

Here are the steps to get a free Primavera for 1 month.

The steps to download are as follows:

Enter the following website page:

Please login or register a new account.


Next is the register page:


Once registered, please login by entering your email and password:


After logging in, you will be directed to the following page:


Search for Primavera P6, then click the Search button. After that click the Add to Cart button on Primavera P6 Professional Project Management (Primavera P6 Professional Project Management). You also choose another version if needed.


Next click Checkout.


Next, confirm the platform that you are using, then click Continue.


Confirm the license agreement then click Continue.


There are 2 ways to download:

1. Right-click on the application file.

Then right-click on the application file and documentation file, then save on the computer to continue the download process. You can also download other files in the same way.

2. You can also download Oracle Download Manager by clicking the Download button at the bottom right. Then click on the downloaded file: Oracle_SSN_DLM_04161008.exe.


Wait until the process is complete.

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Install Primavera P6 Application


Click file Setup.exe


In the Installation window select Typical then click OK.


In the next window click Install.


Make sure you select Run Database Configuration, then click OK.


Next in the Database Configuration window, select P6 Pro Standalone (SQLite).

Then click Next.


Then choose Add a new standalone database and connection, then click Next.


Next fill in the password to log in to Primavera. By default the username used is admin. You can change the username.

Make note of the password you have written down because it will be used when you use the Primavera application.

In the Base currency section, fill in what you want. After that, continue to click Next.


Furthermore, you can change the location of the database file at a location that you can choose on your computer. You can also check Load Sample Data so that when you enter the application you get a sample project primavera.

Leave the Load Sample Data option checked because this sample project is usually useful as an example for creating and processing project data.

Then click Next.

In the next window, click Finish.

Now you can try to access the application and log in.

Good luck!

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